Today, January 19th 2015, marks a big change for the Adamant webcomic… and this is just our third update! From now on the AdamanTeam will be presenting pages in the format you see above. We’ve decided to go with the half-page, rather than full-page, variety for a few reasons.

First, it’ll allow us to update more regularly. The more content we have, the more we can update. We feel like the best way to build and maintain an audience for the comic is to put as much quality content out as we can.

And that brings me to the second reason, because the only way we’ll keep that audience is if we can maintain our weekly schedule. This change will help with that not only by generating more content, but by putting less strain on the creative team. For every page we complete, we’re killing two updates with one stone.

Now this does mean a bit less content per week, because there’ll naturally be less panels to read for the AdaManiacs, but in the long run we think you’ll agree that the change is worth it. We’ve got big plans for these characters, and we hope you stick around for the ride.